Leaving a Legacy of Generational Health

“Under the watchful eye of grandmothers and midwives, special foods and preparations proved themselves effective at creating children who could learn faster and grow stronger that the generation before. Children who, naturally, would grow to become parents themselves, able to form their own sets of observations and conclusions about the way the world works and Read more about Leaving a Legacy of Generational Health[…]

Speech and Communication

Did women also develop the spoken language? From the earliest hunting-and-gathering times, we know that the men spent long, silent, and often solitary days away on the hunt. It takes silence to track animals. Meanwhile, the women worked collectively in or near the camp, surrounded by children, talking and singing. Language must have developed in Read more about Speech and Communication[…]

Nurturing through Nourishment

Few of us can look at the state of the world and not feel despair. The breakdown of the family unit sets up the breakdown of a firm system of values, including caretaking. And when families no longer take care of their own, other social structures must fill the gap. Joseph Chilton Pearce, in Evolution’s Read more about Nurturing through Nourishment[…]

Traditional Foods + Herbal Medicine for Birth Workers

You will walk away from this 8 week mentorship program with the tools and resources to completely transform and expand your birth services. You’ll develop the confidence to work with herbs, traditional foods and holistic remedies to support mothers throughout the childbearing continuum. You’ll get: – 8 weeks of coaching, mentoring, and teachings – Access Read more about Traditional Foods + Herbal Medicine for Birth Workers[…]

Cultivating TRUST and listening to the language of our bodies

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us what they need. Through hunger, thirst, and elimination, just to mention a few. But for some reason, when it comes to birthing babies, many have a distrust of our bodies and their capabilities.  Why would that be? Why can I trust that when my stomach is growling I Read more about Cultivating TRUST and listening to the language of our bodies[…]