Cultivating TRUST and listening to the language of our bodies

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us what they need. Through hunger, thirst, and elimination, just to mention a few. But for some reason, when it comes to birthing babies, many have a distrust of our bodies and their capabilities. 

Why would that be? Why can I trust that when my stomach is growling I should eat, but when the language of birth tries to communicate we mute it and numb it out and are fearful.

There is a lot of programming that begins early on in our lives. 

The promise of convenience and cost efficiency with our food ultimately comes back to haunt us in one way or another and we pay the price with dis-ease and ill health.

For many, what should be a celebrated rite-of-passage, menarche, has become an initiation into the use of pharmaceuticals on a regular basis. It’s that bandaid that gets slapped onto every ache and pain so that we don’t have to feel discomfort. But those feelings are how our bodies communicate with us and try to signal to us what they are needing. 

And then hormones are hijacked with birth control and become synced to the synthetic.

Then when it comes time to birth our babies, we wonder why there is a distrust of birth. We can’t quite put our finger on it but something has been so ingrained into us. It feels foreign to trust this natural process because we have spent years muting and muzzling it, along with our intuition.

This isn’t to shame or blame anyone, it’s simply to bring awareness to the fact that there is big business in keeping you disconnected from your body.

Imagine a world where instead of handing our daughters the Tylenol with their first period, we could teach them what it means to honour rest, and to eat certain foods and get them familiar with the herbal allies that support them. They could understand their rhythm and cycle, and not try to suffocate it and carry on as if nothing profound is happening within their bodies. 

The thing is, if we fuel ourselves with the food and nutrients required to thrive, there is little need for intervention because the body will not have to scream at you to hear it. The first steps to exiting the paradigm that keeps us disconnected, is putting attention and awareness on what we are putting in our mouths. 

It begins in our kitchens and our gardens, and they fear the day we all begin making that a priority again.