Food is my Love Language

Food is my love language and I take great pleasure in feeding people. It has become a big part of my work too, and that is partly because I see how much food has the power to heal our bodies. 

When we prioritize food, we prioritize health and we set ourselves up for success on many different levels. Choosing real food to fuel ourselves with is a different level of self love. 

Eating whole foods that the body understands, we recalibrate our palates to know what real  food tastes like and we sync up to a slower and more honest rhythm. 

As we get deeper into the dark season we become more susceptible to illness. (Especially with many holidays revolving around indulgence and eating sugar!) I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned along my personal food journey with you.

 – If you have kids, get them involved. These are skills we NEED to bring back and quite frankly, they are survival skills. I have found the more involved they are, the more likely they are to try new foods. Teach them how to use a knife confidently and safely.

– Cook large batches so you can freeze some, and on the days you don’t feel like cooking you have a healthy, ready-to-go meal. I will often reserve a few hours on Sunday’s for meal prepping. I cook up a storm and that saves me so much time and energy trying to figure out what to make every day. 

– Having the right tools makes a world of difference! My essentials for cooking are a good sharp knife, a heavy pot, a cupboard full of different spices, high quality salt, an instantpot (seriously.. how did I ever live without one?!) a deep freezer, storage containers, a speaker to listen to music or an audiobook, and a beeswax candle because, well, it sets the mood. When I set the mood it makes it feel like an art instead of a chore.

– Learn to make a kick ass broth. It has become the foundation of all my cooking.

– Stock the cupboards with good food so you’re less inclined to reach for the treats. When we are getting our needs met nutritionally, we often don’t feel the need to mindlessly snack which is important to know when trying to meet personal health goals. Since bringing superfoods into my life, there is no excuse to slack in the food department. The convenience alone has been game changing. 

– Intention and love are time tested not-so-secret ingredients. Grandma’s soup was always so amazing because she would hum a tune and have her loved ones in her mind while prepping. Her love stirred in to every soup and prayers kneaded into every loaf. 

– Slow down and take a breath before consuming your food. Did you know that taking even just a few seconds to appreciate the meal you’re about to eat actually switches your body into receiving mode, making you better able to digest and assimilate your food? All the more reason to say a prayer.

– Share meals and break bread with good people often. 

Food is medicine.