From fear to focus

Imagine that every day you wake up you are given a certain amount of energy to get through that day with. Once you use it up, it’s done and you begin to use your energy reserves. On a larger scale imagine that when you are born you are allotted a certain amount of energy for your life, and once you use that up, it’s game over. This is a concept used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.) What we allow into our lives will hugely impact how our life force is spent. It’s through our choices that we decide where our energy will go. Today, get out of autopilot and ask yourself if this food, this TV program, this conversation which you are about to consume is either adding or subtracting to your life. You need to protect your vital life force like it is the most precious thing to you, because it is. It is counter productive to live in fear when we know how quickly it will drain us, which is why we must master our emotions, think critically and coach yourself through these rough waters.
Fear is a strong emotion ( e-motion = energy in motion) caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.
When we are using our energy up by living in a continuous state of fight-or-flight we are leaking out our vital life force. Our bodies interpret this fear and our immune systems respond by being on constant guard, but it can only keep that up for so long.

I am challenging everyone to observe their internal dance with emotion. Don’t qualify emotion as good or bad; it is simply energy in motion.
Understanding the language of our bodies is essential in these times. Many of us have been conditioned to ignore our intuition and override it with thought. When you feel fear come up, don’t reach for something to numb out, or find something to distract you; rather observe the energy and how it rises up in your body. Then use this energy to focus and fuel your goals to build the world you want to see. With so much doom and gloom it’s imperative you don’t dissapear into fear. Stay informed, sure. But turn off the TV and start writing down the future you want to build. Nothing is written in stone but we still have a long road ahead of us.
There is no turning back. We can remain frozen in a cocoon, but sooner or later we need to emerge and take the next step; and it’s the next step, the one right in front of you, that matters most.
With love, compassion, and a warrior spirit for our sons and daughters and all that are to come after us. No fear.
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