December 16, 2017

Coaching and Consultations

Birth and Wellness Coaching Calls

I am now booking for pregnancy, birth, and general wellness coaching calls. Maybe you need a pep talk before your labour and birth, or you have questions in general about the childbearing year and your options around this subject, health, wellness, herbs and nutrition etc.

1 hour session $75

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Herbal / Nutritional Lifestyle Consultations
These modern times have millions of women plagued with health issues from fertility and hormonal problems, to gynecological and metabolic problems, just to name a few. As a culture, as a whole, we have never been sicker.


I am passionate about reclaiming personal authority over our own health and wellness. Our bodies innately know how to heal when given the right fuel and tools;  given the space, the love, and the consistency, we will shift back into a place of balance.


I feel so deeply about this work because it was a huge piece of the puzzle to help shift my own life back into balance. We want to move through this life feeling confident and grounded! It is possible for us all to achieve this!


I am now seeing clients for private herbal and lifestyle consultations. Beginning with an in-depth intake form, these individualized sessions provide an opportunity to go deeper into yourself so that we can uncover root causes and imbalances in your life, and together we’ll co-create a plan for your life moving forward that will include appropriate herbs, lifestyle changes, a whole foods nutrition plan, and a clear picture of what you need to grow and move forward on your healing path. These sessions tend to the person as a whole; body, mind and spirit.

In 2018 I graduated from Aviva Romm’s  renowned course “Herbal Medicine for Women.”  A program that “uniquely integrates traditional herbal wisdom, clinical experience, and critically reviewed botanical and nutrition scientific evidence for the prevention and treatment of common women’s health concerns…It is a whole-woman approach to health, taking into consideration body, mind, and the whole woman in the context of her life.”  I am also currently working towards my Master Herbalist diploma with Wild Rose College.

I am so excited to share this information and hands on skills with the women I work with.

75 minute consultation  $222

“Today women use herbal medicines as a tool for self-empowerment, as a more personalized alternative to conventional medical care, and because herbal are more natural and resonant with their personal, philosophic, and ecological world views more than conventional therapies.” – Aviva Romm


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