July 4, 2020

Womb Closing

Any time a pregnancy comes to an end whether it be by birth, stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion, the mother is in a postpartum state which requires care and support. These events are usually accompanied by a full spectrum of emotion and certainly, these situations are rarely emotionally uncomplicated.

My support is designed to help you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a holistic approach that aims to help in your healing process from all levels.

Session includes:

– Castor oil pack treatment – helps stimulate lymphatic system, improves circulation in the pelvic region, helps to mend scar tissue and pelvic adhesions, enhances detoxification pathways, and so much more.

– Moxabustion treatment – builds blood, helps ligaments return to their pre-pregnancy strength, tonifies the uterus, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is taught that moxabustion closes the life gate that is required to open during pregnancy and birth.

– Womb nourishing herbal tea – grown in my garden with love

– Guided meditation – Making space for healing

– Closing the bones ceremony – an acknowledgement of the huge shift in body and psyche, and a process of bringing the spirit back down and into the body after the ever expansive process of pregnancy and birth, depending on your situation. It assists in the uterus shrinking back down while also assisting the pelvic organs back into their proper place. It is an opportunity to release, restore and complete your rite of passage, because regardless of your situation, if you’ve carried life in your womb, you are a mother.

– Emotional support –  debriefing and integration of your experience

– Coaching on food choices to replenish your body

Sessions are $222 and generally last roughly 2 hours.

Please email me here to book a session or for more information