New Paradigm of Postpartum

What is communicated to me without words when I enter the space of a new mother?

Do you see me in all of my divinity?

Can you hold me in the vastness of what I have just been through?

Can I trust you to walk with me and help guide me through this delicate landscape?

Am I safe to be vulnerable and let my guard down?

We are slowly but surely ushering in a new model of healthcare for women in the childbearing year. We are moving away from surface level connection, sterile environments and statistics, to warmth and depth, soul level connection and the restoration of vitality to the new mother. Let us never underestimate the power and healing in our humanness. Eye contact, warm touch, the serving of nourishing food, laughter, tears, a peaceful environment, sisterhood, and the flickering flame of a candle are all wonderful ingredients for a soul to experience during this rite-of-passage.

I see all that you are.

I have done the work in my own self to be able to hold whatever you need me to.

You can trust me and let me in to your world, knowing I have your best interest at heart.

You are safe and loved. Let’s walk together in the spirit of sisterhood.

Photo by @elliana_allon

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