Nurturing through Nourishment

Few of us can look at the state of the world and not feel despair. The breakdown of the family unit sets up the breakdown of a firm system of values, including caretaking. And when families no longer take care of their own, other social structures must fill the gap. Joseph Chilton Pearce, in Evolution’s End, says that the breakdown of society begins with the breaking of the mother-child bond through medicated birth and the hospital practice of separating the newborn from its mother – and, it should be noted, by the replacement of the home cooked with the factory.

Our first areas of concern can be how we raise our families and what we feed them. We have considerable power over our health by our choices in food. If we are in charge of feeding others, we have a great influence over their health as well – not only in the amount and kinds of nutrients in the food, but also its quality and the energy and love put into preparing and serving it.

The importance of homemade food cannot be overestimated. To have a real person cook and prepare our meals is a crucial element in our well-being. As many of us have been raised on commercial or processed foods, we need to relearn the skill of nurturing through nourishment.

– Annemarie Colbin
Excerpt from “Feeding the whole family”
📷 by @elliana_allon