Plant Medicine vs All Natural Products

I had a long and overdue brain jam with my dear friend, Sarah yesterday, where our conversation eventually lead us to talking about (as it so often does) plant medicine and our love for it. We chatted about our creations with plants and the politics and differences between “all natural” products and plant medicine. I thought I’d share a snapshot of what we discussed because I can’t stop thinking about it!

Plant medicine and its energy is all unique to the time of day it was harvested, the time of year it was harvested, if thanks was given and permission was granted, if harvested on full moons or new moons or anywhere in between, etc. Plant medicine is not a straight and linear path resulting in the exact same product every time; rather it is an multi-dimensional exchange and experience. I recently made a new batch of breast oil and while I used all the same ingredients and extraction methods, I got a very different colour than my previous batch. Just as you are not the same person you were last week, plants are also in constant flux. The quality always remains high and potent, but truly it comes with a rare vibrational signature, just as we do as humans on the day we were born. It brings with it its essence and gifts, which is why it can be felt on multiple levels and not just in a physical way.

Imagine if someone replicated you, but not ALL of you, only your physical self and then tried to sell you to the world as the original you. Your emotions, your soul, your spiritual and intellectual bodies were left behind resulting in a very flat, yet consistent, one dimensional replica. This is an instance of how “all natural” products differ from plant medicine. There isn’t much room for expression because there is a need to produce a consistent product.
Many products that are all natural often use ingredients that while true, are derived from natural sources, often are imposters of the plants they claim to be. It’s understandable why you would need that for reasons like extending the shelf life of a product, or acquiring a similar version of a plant at a much cheaper cost, as an example. However the integrity and relationship with the plants themselves becomes comprised, and the exchange is not just about using the plants for its benefits, but seeing it as a full spectrum, shared experience. It is a conversation between you, the plants and nature at large…and one that so eagerly wants to be had!