Seeds of Sovereignty

I sliced open the last of my fresh butternut squash harvest this morning to add into a lentil soup. Amazing heartiness and shelf life for something I gathered in early October. But you know … the quality of the seed affects the quality of the stock.

This squash pictured here is from a third generation grand voyage squash seed! They volunteered in the spring compost to come up and persevered through a cold and windy spring. They are so resilient and they hardened off beautifully. Seed saving is a connection with years gone by, and touches the spiritual side of being human in that these seeds and the product of them have brought us through and walked with us through the ages. It’s a beautiful connection .. one that our bodies understand.

I thought it would be worth pointing out that when foods are genetically engineered, we initially may not see it as a problem. We are concerned with the immediate micro results right in front of us and neglect to see how it affects the ecosystem as a whole and on a macro level.

For example, genetically engineering something to be insect resistant seems harmless at first glance, but by altering the DNA it also alters insect populations, which affects food chains, which affects forests and so on. It’s playing with fire, and the long term consequences of our food systems and ecosystems can be greatly changed to unimaginable lengths. And I am all ears if someone out there can tell me otherwise… I’m listening. Altering DNA is a very serious action and feel free to read between the lines on this one as much as you want.

The quality of our food affects the quality of our thoughts

The quality of our thoughts affects the quality our whole life

The quality of the seed affects the quality of the stock.

You ARE (literally) what you eat.

Rebel! Grow a garden, save your seeds, and feed yourself and your family real food for the love of humanity and in the name of truth.