The Secret Sauce

Maybe the secret ingredient in Grandma’s secret sauce wasn’t a herb, or a root, or a tangible item. Maybe the secret ingredient was her energy and the way she held her family in heart as she pulled a meal together.

At one time, recipes used to be handed down through songs and rhymes that had a rhythm to them so that they could easily be recalled and always with you.

That rhythm and energy was kneaded into the sourdough, and stirred into the secret sauce. Could the rhyme that flowed from Grandma’s lips as she created a meal, infused with love for her family, possibly be the reason why her meals felt so deeply nourishing?

For multiple generations the recipes and rhythms that were passed down from our ancestors and stirred into our meals have not been sung.

Perhaps the mass deficiencies we are seeing in people are not only from depleted soils and mass agriculture, but also from the fact that in many homes there hasn’t been anyone holding down the kitchen for decades.

Because of cost and convenience, and the fact that many families require 2 parents to work outside of the home just to make ends meet, they have had to exchange their home grown garden and *farmacies* for grocery stores.

The disconnection from the land and our food comes at a cost.

If we apply the idea that everything is energy to our food, we should take into account the energy of the person or factory that is making our meals.

So back to the secret ingredient. Maybe having a loved one in the kitchen creating food for the family is the ultimate superfood. This is encouragement and a reminder that there is power beyond what the eyes can see in home cooked meals. You can greatly influence the energy of your family! In a world that seeks to control so many aspects of our lives, I encourage you to take back your kitchen, breathe new life into it, get your kids involved, and if a song touches your lips as you pull together a pot of soup, sing that song even if you don’t know the words.

I am certain they are love notes coming through from the other side.