Women’s Healing Arts

Women’s healing arts have been around for thousands of years.

It is a cross-cultural common thread that knits our human family together, and despite what the popular culture would have us believe, we have much in common with one another. Our foremothers knew the value in tending to the new mother because she was the caretaker of new life and the next generation. It was this kind of adoration and care that would make a new mom relax and feel safe which would speed up the healing process. Mothers had a safety net to catch them on the other side of birth, and it’s incredible for all the modern day conveniences we have today, mothers continue to slip through the cracks and many begin their motherhood journeys in a very dark place.


It is heartbreaking and infuriating when you stand back and observe the modern day postpartum scenario. We live alone in our individual homes where women and families are left to fend for themselves for the most part. We are isolated from our communities, not given adequate time to rest and recover, and often live on a diet of food which is void of any meaningful nutrients – ALL which are key ingredients to mothers thriving!


Can you see how we can make a big difference by placing care and attention in this area of life? What happens on one side of the web is felt on the other side.

With every birth comes an opportunity to change the face of maternal and baby care, and steer this ship in a new direction.









Above art – The Birth of Mary, 15th century, Stuttgart, German Painter.

Image right – Birth of Mary,  unknown artist, c. 1460

Artist from the Starokeln school