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"This is not just an 8 week program; it is a movement. A homecoming. A remembering through our bones. It is a lifestyle that respects the land, the cycles, the feminine spirit, and supports the new holistic paradigm of birth and women's health. This upgraded era of health care requires radical responsibility, addressing issues from the root cause, and no longer outsourcing our health to companies and systems that profit from disease. This is the chapter of the story where we take it all back."

Grand Voyage Herbals

An infusion of my passions of herbalism, astrology, celtic wisdom, spirituality and earth work. My vision and intention is to create a line of products that support, nourish and work with you as you walk through this life on your very own grand voyage. The majority of the herbs used in my products are home grown with love and care in my garden, or sustainably wild crafted from the Boreal forest. "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. -Audrey Hepburn


The use of plants and herbs is not new or a trendy alternative. It is deeply woven into our history as humans. We are all descendants of women who at one time harvested and had in-depth knowledge and knowing about plants and their gifts. Let me help you find your herbal allies. "The plants do teach us. They take us to the heart and soul of Mother Earth. They offer a system of healing that is gentle, imbued with "soft power," and attuned to the feminine spirit." - Rosemary Gladstar

We fall from womb to tomb, from one blackness and toward another, remembering little of the one and knowing nothing of the other ... except through faith.                                                                                            

  – Stephen King
About Me

Welcome! I am so pleased you’ve found your way here.
Whether you are giving birth to a new baby, a new way of life, or looking to expand and elevate your holistic business, you came here looking for more. My heartfelt desire is for you to have the courage to dive deep with all that you are - and make the most of your journey, on all levels.

I am an Earth and Traditional Birth Keeper. A student and stewardess of the ever changing seasons and cycles of mother earth and women alike. From the spring time blossoming pre-teen, to the mother in full bloom, to the wise, winter, silver crone, I work with women in all ages and stages. I study, create, grow and work intimately with herbal medicines and food therapy that assist women in their lives.

I am an herbalist, teacher, medicine maker, birth enthusiast, traditional postpartum wellness provider, constant creative, homesteader, wife, and mother. I love studying ancestry and astrology, spirituality and the metaphysical, thrifting vintage, growing a garden, and summers at the lake. I love travelling, music, spending afternoons with my nose in books, and of course my dogs, my family and our home.

I feel my work with women and birth in particular keeps me close to the Great Mystery of life, and serves as a great reminder that we, too, will venture back into that beautiful unknown at some point, so everyday we wake up is a gift. Here I am on the grand spiral, and it brings me great joy knowing that I have awakened into this life and live in my passions, doing the work I have come here to do.

Really, I am a heart centred Cancerian gal that just wants to make the most of this grand voyage… I want to travel all the peaks and valleys with an open heart and mind. I want to manifest the dream I see in my mind’s eye, and I want that for you, too!


You want to move through this world feeling deeply embodied in your authentic self; vibrant, alive, and able to experience the full spectrum of this world by taking up space an being unapologetically you, but you need some help…

Are you feeling:

  • overwhelmed when it comes to learning about herbs and the healing arts?
  • that the childbearing year is a profound body/mind/spirit rite-of-passage and not merely a medical event?
  • the desire to expand and add holistic skills and streams of income to your current business?
  • the call to serve your self, your family, and your community with Traditional Foods and Herbal Medicine?

We could be kindred spirits if:

  • you know that time is our most precious resource and there is more to life than living in the 9-5 paradigm.
  • you innately know that we are at a crossroads in history, and you're here at this time to make a difference.
  • you know deep in your bones that you are capable and worthy of living a wildly extraordinary life.
  • you know that food is medicine and the body is designed to heal.



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