December 5, 2013


Hey there! I’m Ali.

I am a 1981 baby born and raised in the prairies of Canada. 🇨🇦

I am a birth keeper, a traditional postpartum wellness practitioner, an herbalist specializing in women’s health, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a gardener, a cancerian, and an open minded individual who is keen to live my life with intention, purpose and passion.

I love studying Celtic mythology, legend and folklore.  It speaks to my heart and soul and I cannot wait to make the trip back to Scotland, Ireland and England.

I occasionally collaborate on work projects with dear friends, but mainly I am a lone wolf. I used to hate that about myself, now I love that about myself.

I am a kitchen alchemist, a root digger, a space holder, a dreamer, an empath, fiercely stubborn, hopelessly romantic, highly sensitive woman who feels the world deeply. Nothing about me is surface level.

Music has saved me on more than one occasion.     

Most of my 30’s have been a quest to rebirth and find myself after giving birth and losing myself in motherhood. This past decade I’ve gone head to head with my biggest demons and have emerged with a lighter heart, a deeper compassion for humanity and desire to cultivate joy in my every day life.

I strive to be a positive person everyday. I feel the only way I can do this is to be in touch with the shadow parts of myself; to not shove the darkness under the carpet but to give it a seat at my table, a say in things, a chance to be seen, and then I can show up as a real person. I hate this love and light fluff that promotes positive vibes only. Harness that darkness and become whole!!

I used to be a chronic people pleaser. Now I’m perfectly OK with not being liked by everyone. Dimming my light to accommodate others was a big energy leak that needed to be plugged! Be yourself! The world will adjust.

I have 2 dogs that ground me, love me unconditionally, and who’ve taught me that loyalty is a quality worth having.

I belong to the tribe of women who love their wrinkles, silver hair and stretch marks. I believe beauty is a state of mind, an attitude, a soul expression and an energy that doesn’t fade away as we age. I love getting older… I love how life gets juicier every year.

Once when I was around 7 or 8 years old I got lost in the forest in Ontario and had a search party looking for me. What I remember most was the filtered sun coming through the tree tops and an innate, absolute knowing that I was being taken care of and watched by something I couldn’t see.

One of my first memories ever was being in my mom’s garden as a weeee little one. I had my eyes closed and turned my head to the sun and remember being surrounded by sweet peas. I felt Gaia that day. I felt God.

I’m glad to have you here!